Moving To San Diego

There are several cities in the great state of California that would be great places to call your home. One of the best cities in California is San Diego. If you are looking for a great place to live where the temperatures are almost always mild, and life is a little easier, then you need to think about moving to San Diego. The current population is over 1.3 million people. There are roughly 4000 people per square mile. That may seem a little crowded if you are used to living in a wide open place, but there is no place quite like San Diego on Earth. has put together this handy guide for moving to San Diego. If you are thinking about making the move, read these tips before you do.

The cost of living in San Diego

Before you decide to move to San Diego, you are going to need to know how much things are going to cost. Everything in a different city has a different price. You may already know this from the city where you currently live, but if you are thinking about moving to San Diego from another part of the country, the prices in San Diego may be a shock to you.

If you like to eat out a lot, you can expect to pay around $55.00 for an average meal for two. A loaf of bread will run you just over $2.00. Apples and Oranges will cost around $3.75 per pound, and a bottle of wine will cost just over ten bucks.

Transportation in San Diego is on par with the rest of the country. A monthly buss pass will cost you around $74.00, and taxis start their rates at around $2.68.

Utilities will cost you just over $250 per month for a small apartment. If you are living in an older home, you can expect to pay much more for your utilities.

Rent is not cheap in the middle of the city. You can expect to pay about $2600 per month for a three bedroom apartment in the city. Move a little further outside of the city and the price goes down to just over $2100.

What about work

The unemployment rate in San Diego has gone up recently. The current unemployment rate is right at 9.5 percent. Make sure that you already have work before you decide to move to the city. Sand Diego does have quite a few excellent industries like: construction, IT, tourism, and technology, but having a job already will make your move so much easier.

Choosing a mover to get you there

Once you are ready to make the move, head over to to get a few different costs on moving. Make sure that you fully understand all of the costs associated with your move. No one likes any unexpected costs, and unexpected moving costs can quickly ruin the entire move. Not all movers charge the same amount. Let us show you which ones offer the best service for their rates.

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