Answers To Moving Insurance Questions

Answers To Moving Insurance Questions

How often does every single thing that you own get loaded into one giant truck? It happens every single time you move, and thankfully moving is not an every day occurrence. What would happen if the truck that was transporting all of your personal belongings was to get into an accident? Hopefully no one would get hurt, but what about all of your stuff? What happens to it if it is damaged? That is where moving insurance comes in. Your things may be gone, but at least they will be replaced at no cost, but only if you have moving insurance.

What is moving insurance

Moving insurance is an insurance policy that covers all of your things during the move if an unfortunate accident happens. It sounds simple enough, but moving insurance is not as simple as it sounds. There are several things to consider about moving insurance. How much do you need? What is covered? How do you get it? How do you know that you have enough? These are just some of the more common questions associated with moving insurance.

Will my mover provide moving insurance

Most moving companies will offer moving insurance as part of their services. Make sure that you understand everything that is included in the moving insurance that they are offering you before you sign any sort of agreements. In most cases the moving insurance may not be enough to cover the full value of your belongings.

Moving companies determine the amount of insurance coverage by the weight of the load. The insurance usually covers anywhere from thirty cents to sixty cents per pound. If the total weight of all of your things was 1000 pounds, then the insurance would only cover between $300 – $600.00. Is that enough to replace all of your things? Most likely it is not enough, but remember this is all going by weight. Your things could weigh much more, and every single moving company is very different. That is why there is such a large difference in the total value that is covered by the insurance.

Will my homeowners insurance cover my things during a move

This is a good question, and unfortunately most homeowners insurance policies will not cover all of your things while they are in transit. Before you make the mistake of assuming that your homeowners insurance has got you covered, double check with your insurance company.

Buying additional coverage

If your homeowners insurance is not going to cover your items if they are damaged during the move, and you are not comfortable with the small amount of coverage that is included with the move, then you only have one option. You must purchase additional insurance coverage. The moving company that you choose will be able to provide you with additional policies that range in coverage.

After you start receiving your price quotes from, it is time to start asking questions about moving insurance. Knowing that you are fully covered if an accident does happen will help alleviate some of the stress that goes along with moving.

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