Keep Costs Down on Your Move with Self-Service Moving

couple having fun in their new houseThere’s no way around it, moving can be expensive. If you’ve received moving bids from several different companies, and the bids are still outside your budget, you should consider the option of self-service moving.

What is Self-Service Moving?

Self-service moving is one of the fastest growing segments in the moving industry, and the reason why is obvious––you can save a ton of money. Every bit of labor you’re willing to do yourself means less cash you have to pay out.

Be aware that not all movers offer this type of service, and those that do might offer different options. When you sign up for this type of move, make sure you know what is expected of you so you can plan accordingly.

Pack Your Own Boxes

This sounds easy enough, right? You pack your belongings yourself. But there are a couple of details you need to check on. Boxes may or may not be provided, you will need to ask when you agree to this service. You will need to purchase other packing materials like packing tape, box fillers such as newspaper or bubble wrap, as well as plastic sheeting and padded blankets to protect your mattresses and furniture. Once you are packed, a truck with a team of movers will load your belongings into the truck.

Pack and Load Your Possessions

If you’re up for it, you can hire a moving company to just do the driving. You will be responsible for packing and loading the truck yourself. Loading is handled one of two ways and you need to make sure which one your moving company is offering. In one scenario, a truck arrives at your door as designated, and you will have a window of time to load all your possessions onto the truck. You will need to make sure you have plenty of help available to get everything loaded.

In the second scenario, the mover will deliver a pod, or storage container, to your home. You will be able to load your possessions at a more leisurely pace. When you are ready, you can call the movers to schedule a pick-up.

What You Should Know About Packing and Loading

When you agree to pack or load your own possessions, you are responsible for any damage that may occur during the move. Use plenty of packing material to protect your furnishings, especially fragile or expensive items. When loading the truck, you need to make sure that nothing can move. If you have loose items, they will bang around when the truck is in transit, causing damage. If you don’t have enough belongings to fully pack the truck, tie boxes down, or pin them with larger furniture to prevent them from sliding or being tossed around during the move.

You Can Move on a Budget

Self-service moving involves a great deal of planning and extra work on your part. But if you’re fine with a little extra work, this is a great way to save money. We recommend you use our Free Moving Quote tool to start contacting movers in your area. Ask them about their self-service options, and start planning your move today.